Vol 4 No 2 (2014)
Issue Description
Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

This issue consists of six research papers dealing with current issues in soil science, such as soil carbon (analysis methods, SOC in rehabilitated soils, relation to biodiversity) as well as soil and water pollution and sanitation. Their authors are recognized specialists in these subjects therefore the results of their research - which will be open-access as are the rest of the SJSS publications -will significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these fields.

The indexing of our journal is a priority of the editorial and scientific committees. In order to achieve this, it is essential to preserve the quality of the published articles and to ensure the visibility of the journal. Since the selection process of the Editorial Committee and the professionality of the Universia staff ensure these two factors, we expect that indexing will be achieved in the medium term, with the inclusion of SJSS in the main indexing systems.

On behalf of the Editorial Board I wish to thank the authors for having chosen the SJSS to publish their research, the reviewers for their comprehensive and rigorous evaluations of manuscripts, the Universia team for their professionalism and efficiency in editing, and the CSIC for their support and dissemination of the journal. We also continue to encourage the scientific community to send the products of their soil science research to our journal platform for possible publication

We look forward to receiving your research. Best wishes,

Organic components of soils, organic matter stabilization and biogeochemical clycle of nutrients

Schomakers Jasmin, Mentler Axel, Herwig Mayer
Determination of dissolved organic carbon in soils with UV spectroscopy, ultrasonic dispersion pre-treatment and separation with size exclusion chromatography .
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Jose Navarro Pedreño, Ignacio Gómez Lucas, Jose Martín Soriano Disla
Organic matter mineralisation in contrasting agricultural soils amended with sewage sludge .
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Soil Biology and biochemistry, modelization of dynamical biological and biochemical processes

Marta Pérez-Rodríguez, Antonio Martínez Cortizas
Preliminary characterization of microbial functional diversity using sole-C-source utilization profiles in Tremoal do Pedrido mire (Galicia, NW Spain) .
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Soil management and land degradation, soil contamination, soil technology, protection and remediation

Nirita Giri, Monika Sieghardt, Zhu Fan, Thomas Korimort, Axel Mentler
The impact of Cinnamomum camphora on the dissipation of PAHs in diesel contaminated soils from China .
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Remigio Paradelo, María Teresa Barral
Magnetic susceptibility and trace element distribution in compost size fractions .
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María Teresa Barral, Ángel Liste, Alejandro Balufo, Remigio Paradelo, Javier Cancelo-González, Diego M. Prieto
Reutilization of granite powder as a component of permeable reactive barriers for the treatment of Cr(VI)-contaminated waters .
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